Friday, 15 October 2010

So this is how it happens!

It's a funny thing - just the smallest excuse and it feels like I've been searching for an out all along. A couple of times when I couldn't go for a run (Liz away for 3 days, me away for 2); 2 or 3 seemingly tiny decisions not to do exercise on a given day, and I've suddenly not done any running or swimming for a week and a half.

Another small decision or two (e.g. pudding or not with friends round), and oops! chocolate brownie cakes are my friends again. And if there's some left, silly to throw it away...

Looking back to a couple of years ago, after going down to a good weight for my wedding, I'm sure it was just a couple of small decisions which got me back - just over a year later - to my balloony self again. (balloony as in shape, not weight!)

Balloon shape - not quite what I meant

I have to say that related to all that is Dan's blog talking as if we've already met the targets and wanting to set new ones - wow! That had a funny effect on me - and if it was meant to have this effect, it was a master-stroke! Part of me has just gone "already done it, don't need to carry on as hard" - and that combined with a bad week for finding time to swim/run has been critical.

So damn you, circumstances! And you, small decisions? You watch out - I'll be coming for you! And Chocolate Brownie cake? I'm un-friending you on Facebook.

This is how it happens - and I'm not letting it! I'm going for a long run tonight.

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Dan said...

good for you & just what I needed to hear. I'm returning tomorrow from a 10 day 'holiday' - decided to bring my week off a few weeks forward...before reaching the assumed-I'd-reach-effortlessly-target

What the hell happened?

MUST get back to it, so cheers!