Thursday, 11 November 2010

Been a bit silly

Inspired by recent conversations with Venables Esq. I’ve had a quick nosey at some running events to aim for. I came across this fun off-road duathlon and before thinking any better, signed up.

It’s on Sunday.

I also ignored the warnings directed towards non-mountain bikers, and plumped for the long one (2m-10m-2m). My own bike was nicked some 5 years ago, and I haven’t ridden since, so I’ve dug out my other half’s lump of rust. This hasn’t seen the light of day for about the same period. I scraped off the green residue from the chain, doused everything within an inch of its life with WD40 and took it out for a spin – getting immediately sprayed with said lubricant in the process. Wheels go round, brakes are good, but gears give way under load – doesn’t bode too well for muddy off-road hills. Don’t dare adjust the saddle as bolt has corroded away. And I need somehow to cut off the huge padlock and chain wrapped around – don’t think I need a handicap.

Will go for a trial run to practice those transitions.

Now feeling a little nervous. What shoes am I going to wear?

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