Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Runs

Well, since my last post of any substance (if a balloon-man passes for "substance"), I've been cutting down on excuses, and have been building up the runs - 5.5 miles, through 6 miles, 6.8 and last weekend, a cheeky 7.5 miler.

Seaside 7.5-er. Nice

The "compensation factors" are something of a problem, however - "I've run 7.5 miles - surely I don't need to do any more exercise this week?"... "Another piece of rocky road? Go on then. I ran 7.5 miles last weekend, I can take it".

Compensation Factor #1

I'll hope to keep up the running - this far feels about far enough (not 90 miles over 3 days, to pluck a ridiculous target out of the air), and I am still steadily losing weight (just!) at 1lb/week roughly. So I need to keep cutting out excuses, and I should supplement with one or two shorter mid-week runs as well,... but the clocks have gone back and it's so dark out, the November weather's taken a turn for the worse, there's some telly I want to watch, I don't see the kids enough and my foot hurts if I run too much (I have it on good authority you shouldn't run until you're under 80kg)...

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