Sunday, 29 August 2010

Metabolic Kick Start

...and cue music:

There is a theory that from time to time when you’re dieting you should have a bit of a blow out, as it kick-starts your metabolism (Dan, out of interest, the most recent research shows that for best results, this mega-blow out should be around lunchtime every day, and around 9pm every night). Well, last week I was clinging to this theory in the same way that Dan holds dearly to the “shouldn’t go running when you’re overweight” maxim as an excuse not to go running.

You see, it was my birthday.

My 36th was the most surprise-filled birthday since my 8th where not only was I taken to see the double bill of Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back, but I got a Grifter... which had GEARS! Liz took me and the wairns out in the morning to see Toy Story 3 (when you’re at the cinema, it’s practically unheard of not to have a packet of Maltesers or Minstrels... and I didn’t want to deprive the kids of the grapes Liz had thoughtfully brought along), and then as we were miles away from the house, [well, about 9] we had to have lunch out, and the Chiquitos signs were all colourful and inviting, and the fajitas flavoursome and spitting hot.

Then to tea in the afternoon, and the most delicious home-baked vanilla-icing-ed malteser-on-the-top moist sponge cake ever. Mnyomm!And then in the evening, I was even more surprised by the babysitter coming round, and Liz telling me that we were off out into Edinburgh for 2 events at the Fringe... Alex Horne’s “Odds”


and Mark Watson’s “Do I know you?”.

At the first, I got randomly selected (1/120 – how’s that for odds?) to be Alex Horne’s assistant for the evening – now here I think I may actually have shed a pound or two with the stress of possibly being called on at any moment to perform some fruitless task which the audience would bet on (peeling an orange was admittedly not strictly fruitless, but running to the toilet to grab a sign high above the urinals definitely was – very confused looks from the two blokes in there at the time!).

But then we had only 5 minutes before we had to head to the second show (the not-quite-as-good-possibly-because-the-atmosphere-was-less-intimate Mark Watson) and we hadn’t eaten... the only food on offer at the Pleasance was a burger... oh well. And then it might as well be cheese, right? Sauces? Of courses!

So although the weigh-in didn't show that I'd lost as much as I could have done, I think it was a necesary step. Consider the metabolism kick-started! Should see results really start to show over the next couple of weeks...

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Dan said...

All makes sense now. I was a chopper boy.