Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Off the mark - despite Caro & Kerry Curry Carryout Shocker!

Well, week 1 was good, despite muffled guffaws at my attire from people who strolled past me as I was jogging along... 3 x 25 minute runs in the gorgeous sunny Scottish countryside...

...and porridge for breakfast every day (from someone who doesn't normally have breakfast), combined with watching what I eat for the rest of the day, has lost me a tidy 3lb.

And that's after a blow-out on Saturday night with big sis Caroline and her mate Kerry visiting, and beers and curry over a game of Ticket to Ride ("Woo-hoo! I'm laying track, baby!").

3lb might only be a small step, but in TTR terms, it's a wee Portland-Seattle on the way to hopefully the longest route (laboured but you get the point).

In other news, Dan - when you're in Paris, I strongly recommend the Bouillon Racine - went there last year for my Dad's surprise 70th lunch, and it was fabulous: large portions of deliciously mouthwatering fare, and the puddings were to die for. Knock yourself out - have one of each! Bon app!

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