Wednesday, 11 August 2010

galactic intimidation won't work

Well I must say I was becoming a little deflated at the prospect of a one horse race. But now I see I'm competing with the fusion of a Fame reject and the darker side of a trekkie convention - and am as motivated as ever.

2 weeks in, 3.5kg down. A cracking start, although I suspect the curve will soon convex as I dehydrate to the state of a preserved neanderthal.

More alarming, I'm away for 2 weeks from Saturday, including a 5 day work trip to Paris. Looks like I may have to dig out the running shoes after all, although diet will be out the window - inconceivable to have a meal unaccompanied by a pichet of rouge.

New York High School of Performing Arts - the focus of Pete's weight loss ambition

All very interesting, Dan... but what people really want is an update on your numb nethers. P.

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