Sunday, 12 September 2010

Disappointment isn't...

Disclaimer: This post contains scenes of a cheerful and upbeat nature throughout.

A month in, there's a lot of good to count on too, despite contentment-puncturing clothing labels:

1. Firstly - and most importantly - we've both managed to actually get off our lardy arses and do something rather than just talking about it every time we meet up.
2. A month in, and we've both lost a fair amount of weight - the equivalent, between us, of something approaching the weight of this ordinary office shredder or a skinny 2-year-old. If the fat we've lost was converted, by weight, into a turkey, it'd take over 5 hours to cook. Check out what this guy is throwing - that ball-crushing projectile is about the weight we've lost between us! Cause to celebrate!
3. Dan has learnt the use of the "on" button for electronic machinery.
4. After the first few gasping runs, I ran on the Road Bridge today and felt more exhilirated - exercise-wise - than I think I have since games of school rugby. Dan - I'm sure it must be getting easier/more enjoyable for you too?
5. Ah... school rugby...

Spot the Bloggers competition

Now for balance of tone, Dan, please tell me that the "small, strained button" (I've named it "Benny") didn't make it? I'm imagining this...


Dan said...

This post simply has too much to comment on.

There has been some fine progress. Still not running (might bring some in when I'm sub-80kg) but the bike's going faster / further, and the derriere is growing accustomed to assuming the position.

I have also been relating interim and final targets in terms of the kid's weights - would make for some interesting graphics.

The suit, fortunately, is safe I've taken to strapping myself in with a military-grade belt.

Poor old Roger Smodger. We've hopefully left that morning routine behind now, much to Scatty Nancy's disappointment.


Pete said...

"Military-Grade Belt"?


Dan, are you wearing a corset?!