Monday, 20 September 2010

Great North Mum

A quick post to laud the achievement of “Runner Mum” (our blogspiration) who yesterday completed the Great North Run a bit over the 2 hour time she was aiming for, but:

1. did it injured (wit
h what medical experts are calling “hurty foot”)

2. had to face the murky moral decision at the start of the race of whether or not to hi-five one of “Ant and Dec”

Ant or Dec

3. was tripped up by a tit with headphones on not looking where he was going (she has not confirmed or denied that it was either Ant or Dec)

4. took a good 10 minutes to work out what they meant by “Won ya maaaaks; get settt; gwoooar!”

5. stopped at mile 12 to first give the Race Support Crew an in-depth précis of the race so far (including Ant and Dec update), and then discuss in detail where we’d meet at the end (I think she’d given up the 2 hour thing by then!)

Chatty Mum - no wonder she didn’t beat 2 hours!

6. had to put up with the same Race Support Crew’s complete lack of any real support before and after the race... *sorry*

Well done Runner-Mum! Roll on a race nearer-by, with fewer people, supportive support and a faster time!


Dan said...

Excellent, but stopping for a chat? Tea too?

Suggest support next time be provided by 3 of us running... Mapped out a good 10km route here for when I hit sub-80.

Pete said...

Is "sub-80" your 80th Subway Sandwich Meal Deal? Nice to have targets, I suppose...