Monday, 27 September 2010


Ok, so I am a little disappointed by the New York week, as I did eat healthy, a lot of healthy. But it’s the first time the curve has dipped(1lb). I put it down to two factors:
time to cut the mash and honey sandwiches
  • Mash potato. I’ve recently learned this has a higher GI than honey or table sugar. Bugger. 
  • I frequented the hotel gym more than once, so am extremely confident that gross weight gained is lean muscle.


New York salad - just don't ask what's in the blue cheese dressing. Oh, hang on...

Given this new muscle will burn more cals, and given I’m not travelling for the next 2 weeks, the immediate future looks bright.

And it will have to be. I came across an old spreadsheet from a previous ‘push’, some 5 years ago.

See that last entry? Over the last 5 years (4 of which I’ve been a father – not that I’m looking for excuses), almost 20kgs have crept on. I won’t aim quite for that again – although the associated 20% loss in body weight is a nice round number – but recalibration is needed.

74kg seems like a good second target. That means:
  •     6 kg/1 stone beyond the 80kg target
  •     An additional 6.6% off the starting weight (18% in total)
  •     7.5% drop from the 80kg target

Pete, I’ve calculated that an additional 6.6% loss for you would mean a total drop of 40lb, bringing you down to bang on 200lb. With such tidy numbers, it was clearly meant to be. What do you say?

Once reaching 80kg, I'm thinking of take a week off to recharge, then give it 7 weeks. Time to shake off those stragglers at Brothers.


Rob said...

You were under 73kgs 5 years ago? Bloody hell. I like the idea of a week to recharge, though, that should give me time to catch up... when do you anticipate hitting 80?

Dan said...

If not 2 weeks I'll be an unhappy chump.

Pete - it's a little quiet up there...