Sunday, 5 September 2010

Milestone weigh in - Sept 5th - tense

It's pretty darn close, and is building to have all the tension of an Isle of Wight by-election.

My horrendous last two weeks saw me lose 2.5lb, at least moving in the right direction I suppose. Meanwhile, Pete's been creeping up with Seb Coe stealth, and dispensed with a tidy 8lb over the same period. I can only put it down to surgery - although if I was Pete, my stomach wouldn't be the first thing I'd address (fnar fnar).

Hopefully his new power job will initiate late night comfort eating. It's vital to remember to eat properly when maintaining a busy, stressful lifestyle. No matter how high the in-tray, you've always time for a pie.

Meanwhile, I've 3 days in Manchester this week, 3 days in Somerset the week after, and New York after that. How's a boy meant to maintain routine?

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