Monday, 20 September 2010


It’s the anniversary of the Battle of Britain this week, and lots of TV time has been given over to shots of Spitfires and Hurricanes, RAF folk young and old paying their respects, all of which I’ve found surprisingly moving. (As a complete aside, I was startled to discover, at a museum a couple of months ago, how many of the pilots were actually Polish). But the word “hero” has been used a lot this week on the coverage, and rightly so.

Spitfire. Does what it says on the tin casing.

Hurricane. Not actually a hurricane.

And so to balance that healthy “righly-so-ness” with a healthy dollop of “ah, no - wrongly-so”, I was pleased to find out this week that Dan, you and I are also heroes. Did you know that? Maybe only for a week, maybe only obliquely (and slightly patronisingly!) referred to as “hot, sweaty, [...] unfit overweight people” by podcasters known to literally tens of people, but have a listen at 1:13:38 to Episode 31 of Marathon Talk – we even get our own uplifting theme music! I just hope that later this year or some time next, when all this comes to an end, when the dudes (previously with moobs) soar triumphantly into the blue skies after the thrill of the dogfight with the evil Hun of obesity, old Winston might look down from his secret underground bunker in the sky and in that voice, say “Never... in the field of human weightloss,... has so much... been lost... by so few”.

Winston Churchill - Dude with Moobs

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Dan said...

Did your better half intend for this to be so bloody patronising?!

They can stick their theme tune up their comfort zone. Good tune though.

(Of course, we'll now to have to run a sub-3 hour marathon).